Quality Mining & Mineral Processing company

Geared on the road to our commitment to excellence

Maintaining harmony with the environmental and ecological balance

Welcome to Somika S.A.R.L

Quality Mining and Mineral Processing Company, producing high-grade Copper and Cobalt products.


Somika strives for continuous improvement in all spheres – Including philosophies, policies, procedures and products for economically optimum utilization of both natural and human resources. Company is dedicated to intensify its local community programs to ensure continuous development in health, education and other civic amenities for the people of D. R. Congo.

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our history

Somika S.A.R.L (Societe Minere Du Katanga), established in 2001, has progressively distinguished itself as a Quality Mining and Mineral Processing Company, producing high-grade Copper and Cobalt products. Based in Democratic Republic of the Congo (D.R. Congo).

our mission

Somika always focused on Quality and believed that without quality there is no survival. Our mission has always been geared on the road to Our Commitment to Excellence.

Corporate Responsibility

Somika believes Sustained and Progressive Improvement is the way of life. To keep our most important asset and qualitative base of human resource live and competitive in the dynamic world, we have a global corporate plan for continuous up-gradation and development.

Our Vision

To be among the privileged Global Market leaders of Mining and Mineral Processing Industry by means of consistent and channelized efforts towards excellence.


Sustained and Progressive Improvement is the way of life

Mineral Mining

Somika is continuously reinforcing its mining operations by bringing more and more areas under operations, targeting a four-fold growth.

Mineral Processing

Somika has Hydro-metallurgy based facility to manufacture 2400 tonnes Cobalt Hydroxide annually of 30 to 35% purity. In 2008, Somika commissioned a plant to produce Copper Cathodes of 99.995% purity.


Somika produces Cobalt Hydroxide of 30 to 35% of purity, Copper Cathode of 99.995% of purity and Copper Blisters of 92 to 93% of purity.

providing personalized and high quality services.

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