Quality Policy

Quality Policy


The concept of quality has different interpretation for different Companies. At Somika, our version of quality revolves around the belief that quality is something that we strive for and we take pride in kind of high quality we deliver through our services and products. Quality assurance lets us achieve pleasure and gratification through our stringent mineral processing measures.

Consistency in quality is also a key parameter in determining success of any Company. In order to ensure system driven procedure, the Company has its own Quality Management and Control Systems. The development and execution of these quality systems is one of the integrated and strategic goals of Somika.


Though quality improvement is an economical means of achieving profitability, quality is not free. The quality policy is under constant review – that is meaningful and practical. There has to be a visible ongoing commitment. The prerequisites for building a quality management system is to have general management commitment, establishment of quality policy and quality council to carry it out, setting quality standards and measuring performance against these standards.

To attain global presence and acquire more business, Somika focuses to provide customer satisfaction through timely service and quality products. We are conscious to the fact that success of SOMIKA depends on the customer satisfaction. Our efforts are rather channelized to seek customer pleasure and exceed their expectations. Despite there is no agreement on definition of word “Quality” – Somika itself defines its commitment.

All our mineral processing activities adhere closely to the preset quality standards with an attempt to have minimal effect on the environment and people involved in it. The quality management guidelines are aligned with our objective of maintaining harmony with the ecological balance in the environment.