Process Plant

Somika initially set up a Hydro-metallurgy based facility to manufacture Cobalt Hydroxide of 30 to 35% purity with a modest production of 480 metric tonnes per annum. This was soon scaled up to 1200 tonnes per annum. Today we have doubled our production to 2400 tonnes annually!

In 2008, Somika commissioned a plant to produce Copper Cathodes of 99.995% purity. Our current production crosses 12000 tonnes annually. The production capacity is expandable to 20000 Metric tonnes annually.

In 2011, we commenced production of Blister Copper of 92-93% purity. This facility is equipped with 3 electric arc furnaces and PLC based raw material and flux handling system. Production capacity is 10,000 tonnes per annum.

Quality Control Facility

Apart from all routine equipments, Somika maintains three sets of Perkin Elmer Make Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers, 3 sets of XRF Niton Equipments and 4 sets of Geiger Counter to monitor radiation in different material received for processing. The facility is operational round the clock and is managed by qualified and experienced professionals.

Quality Check


The Company has branches in Kolwezi and Likasi for collection, analysis, crushing and packing of Minerals. These areas have high availability of rich minerals.

At Likasi and Kolwezi, the Company owns a land and has a constructed a depot of its own for collection of ores from nearby areas. Recently, mining activity has started at Kabolela on a large scale with intensive mechanization and this shall be the thrust area of mining operations for coming years.