Mining And Mineral Processing

Africa has over 30 percent of world’s global mineral reserves. Continent produces over 60 different metals and minerals and has huge potential for exploration and production.

Somika is continuously reinforcing its mining operations by bringing more and more areas under operations. In the upcoming years, the company’s mining division is targeting a four-fold growth.

Through our group presence, Somika has obtained permission for mining research at 27 potential mining areas. For such massive research programme, we are likely to get associated with reliable foreign collaborators.

Enhancement of the level of mechanization in mining activity is a high priority area identified by the Company. We have already made investments in the Drilling Companies having sophisticated Mining and Bulk Material Handling Equipment’s. By such strategic investment, preferential rights to use such facilities are ensured for speedy growth.

Quality being a matter of prime concern, mineral and metallurgical testing facility equipped to provide a wide range of testing services is set up at each of the mining center. Site can package comprehensive laboratory testing solutions to meet site requirements.

Every site has the services of experienced geologist. Geologist play the vital role to locate deposits and determine the quantity is large enough to make mining economical. Geologist works very closely with the mining engineers as to what should be mined and where…

Logistics is a key component for our operations. We at Somika have understood the importance and have the ability to move stock and ensure supply chain mechanism.

Mining sector in Africa will continue to expand and contribute significantly to economic growth.