Eco-Friendly Measures

Mining and Mineral Processing is an important industry and is a major factor in the Global Economic Development and Growth. Without mining, many minerals would not be extracted and thus could hamper the working of many industries. On the other side, Mining activities have an undesired impact on the environment. Somika tries to balance its Mining and Mineral Processing activities as well its effect on environment through ways that promote greener environment.


Somika has always been concerned towards the environment. To achieve the objective of being eco-friendly towards nature, we have adopted greener methods of Sustainable Mining and Mineral Processing. It plays a major role in reducing the harmful effects of mining and mineral processing.

Somika addresses the environment concerns by planting trees on the mines from which minerals have been extracted. A dedicated team of personnel is assigned with the job of looking after this plantation activity. The management is also focused on adopting various pollution control methods that help in developing a cleaner environment.

We maximize our efforts to use and recycle various minerals, metals and other by-products that are produced during mining. We incorporate new and innovative technologies to achieve continuous improvement in our mining work.

Somika aspires to address the growing demand of minerals and metal products keeping in mind its social, economic as well as environmental concerns. Company’s approach towards the mining and mineral processing operations is in strict coherence with its concern towards community development, environment and economic growth.