From The CEO’s Desk


Africa – The world’s top producer of many mineral commodities and known for the greatest known reserves – and yet – many parts of Africa have not yet been properly surveyed for their mineral potential.

Mining industries have been established throughout the continent from the Copper belt to the gold fields of Africa. But despite this wealth of mining history, we would probably all agree that the continent has not reaped the full benefits of its natural resources.

With growing competitiveness – Somika is investing heavily in strengthening the capacity to establish and deliver modern mining and mineral processing facility. We are competing globally against all odds – to develop new projects, attract new capital and share the years of prosperity.

We have understood the need to maximize job opportunities for local people and strengthen linkages with local society. Somika group – over the period is managing them responsibly and transparently on behalf of current and future generations. Company has understood the need to promote transparency and respect for the human rights in the line with global best practice.

There is always MORE to be done – I personally believe there is ongoing need to be bold on reforms. If we are to establish our competitiveness to provide future generations with the living standards that we all currently enjoy – The reform cart must continue moving forward.

Somika looks forward to working with the Government over the coming years to ensure that the benefits of a vibrant D R Congo mining industry continue to be shared with all Congolese society along with employees and stake holders.

Chetan Chug
Group Chairman & Managing Director